Citizenship by Investment- PR Permit




CYPRUS is offering the possibility of non-European Union nationals acquiring residency visas if they buy property worth more than €300,000.

PR Directive August of 23, 2012

This directive has streamlined and simplified the Cyprus Investment Immigration program and made it the simplest and one of the most attractive Investment Immigration programs worldwide. In summary, the qualifying requirements are:


1.  Buy a residence at least 300,000 euros of market value, and pay a minimum of 200,000 deposit towards the purchase.


2.  Deposit 30,000 in a Bank located in Cyprus and keep them there invested in your name for 3 years.


3.  You must prove a secured income of 30,000 euros per year from sources outside Cyprus. In addition 5,000 euros more for each dependent family person.

​4.  Fill in your PR visa application and provide the requested documents and your application will be decided (and normally approved) in 30-60 days.